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Metal stamping is the process of creating two-dimensional part shapes from sheet metal. Blanked or coiled sheet is placed in a stamping press, where a stamping tool (or die) in the shape of the part is pressed into and through the material to create a net-shape part. Think of cutting shapes out of a flattened piece of dough with a cookie cutter, and you’ve got the general idea of how metal stamping works.

Thanks to comprehensive sheet metal fabrication and stamping capabilities, We can produce high precision, highly detailed custom sheet metal stampings and components that meet all customer design specifications.

Our full-service metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication shop offers the full spectrum of metal stamping options: blanking, piercing, forming, drawing, and more. We have small punch presses for small precision metal stampings, along with large punch presses for more complex custom metal stamping projects. Our metal stamping professionals are trained extensively in the metal stamping industry. At Our Team, we offer professional sheet metal stamping service, we can help you to get your part at low cost!

Stamping Materials

We work with a wide range of metals and other materials. Contact us to discuss your project’s material requirements.

    a. Cold Rolled Steel

    b. Hot Rolled Steel

    c. Stainless Steel

    d. Aluminum

    e. Galvanized

    f. Beryllium Copper

    g. Brass

    h. Nickel

    i. Silver

    j. Exotic Alloys

    k. and more

Precision Stamping Dies

Stamping dies are custom-made tools that are used with a stamping press to cut or otherwise form sheet metal into the desire shape. In most cases, every stamping tool is made specifically for the project at hand. Stamping dies are typically manufactured from tool steel, which is hard enough to cut most other types of metal while maintaining the tolerances the stamped part requires.

All of  stamping dies are made by our in-house tool and die shop. Our tool and die makers have the experience and expertise to create high precision stamping tools, including progressive die, that will accurately reproduce even the most complex part shapes.

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