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Shenzhen City HongMingSheng Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Hongmingsheng Co., Ltd. ) was established in 2009.We are a manufacturing company with strong capabilities in fabricating metal product.

We equipped with 100 sets the world's most advanced high-precision machinery equipment including: Electrostatic power coating spraying Production Line; Laser Cutting machine; AMADA CNC punching machine; 3 sets CNC bending machine; CNC Riveting Machines; Pneumatic HF welding Machines; CO2 gas protection welding machine; automatic punching line; CNC lathes, grinders, milling machine etc. With the formation of a strong sheet metal, stamping and machining supporting production capacity.

At the same time, Our engineer team has 10 people and QC has 5 people, three of the engineers with 10 years of engineering skills and they are from Huawei. we have a strong knowledge of industrial manufacturing, in addition to own factory production, we also integration of China's excellent suppliers, there supplier alliances include sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, metal stamping, die casting,injection molding. We can provide one-stop service and pay attention to quality,delivery time and intellectual property, Our team can save time and low cost production for you.

We are not only just an elite team, but also a passionate team with gathering a group of people who share the same values and know how to enjoy work and life. The mission of our team is concentrating on what customer want, what customer anxious and what we have to enhance in order to achieve a big family happy dream of loving in HMS, loving Working together and enjoying life between "YOU and ME".